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Project Name: Coral Springs Commerce Center
Project Timeline: 6 months
Completion Date: 07/20
Address: 4150 Coral Ridge Drive, Coral Springs, Florida
General Contractor: DC Construction
Sub-Contractor: RCX Tiltup Construction
Size: 1,400 cy
Mix (psi):
4,000 psi
Application: Loading Dock Concrete Pavement
Fiber: 1.5# Commercial Micro Fibrillated Fibers

RCX and CEMEX teamed up to pour over 1400 cubic yards of concrete pavement for the loading docks at the Coral Springs Commerce Center project buildings 2 & 3. It was poured in three sections, the first pour was for a successful 600 yard pour using a 4000 PSI Pavement mix with 1.5# commercial fibers. Second and third pours consisted of 400 cubic yards each with the same mix. The owner and contractor were pleased with the concrete and finish of the loading docs for this project.
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