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Project Name: Contender Boats
Project Timeline: July 2021 – March 2022 – 9 Months
Completion Date: March 2022
Address: Fort Pierce, FL
Supplier: Maschmeyer
Owner: Contender Boats
Contractor: Paul Jacquin & Sons Inc
Sub-Contractor: P&C Construction
Engineer: Michael Lue – ML Engineering
Size/Area: 100,000 sq ft
Application: 6″ over pour
Fiber: Sika Fibermesh 650

Previously a citrus packaging plant, Contender Boats converted this 100,000 sq ft building into a boat manufacturing facility. A 6″ overlay was poured over existing concrete using 5000 psi and 3 lbs per yard of Sika Fibermesh 650 fiber along with Sika Control NS to allow for fewer control joints. A boat hull testing pool was constructed as well using 4 lbs of Sika 650 fiber and Sika Watertight ad mix in the walls and floor. Project total yardage was 1,024 yards.
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