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Project Name: Tommy’s Express Carwash
Project Timeline: June 2020 through October 2020
Completion Date: October, 2020
Location: Sarasota
Owner: Tommy’s Express Carwash
General Contractor: Burke Construction
Sub-Contractor: Eicher Construction
Size: Approx 30,000 SF
Mix (psi): 4,000 PSI for paving and 3,000 PSI for curb.
Application: Concrete Paving
Fiber: 1.5 lb/yd Commercial Fiber was utilized for the paving.

Our scope on this project consisted of all the concrete paving and curb involved. Concrete was chosen for the paving for this project for its durability to hold up against all the tight turns that the regular vehicular traffic will be making as well as its ability to withstand the different chemicals used through the wash itself. There were some access challenges for the ready mix trucks on this project. The lack of room made it necessary for there to be tight turns, some of which at a standstill. This type of turning, considering the weight of a loaded mixer, would have certainly torn up any first lift of asphalt should it have been used.
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