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Project Name: Hamlin Water Reclamation Facility
Construction Timeframe: January 2020 – January 2022
Completion Date: Spring 2022
Address: 1600 Hamlin Rd.
Supplier: Argos USA
Owner: Orange County
General Contractor: Wharton Smith
Sub-Contractor: Integ Crete Construction, VMG Construction, Precon Corp
Size: 28,000yds

The project consists of the following: A new pretreatment structure with odor control system, activated sludge treatment train with a 5-stage Bardenpho biological nutrient removal (BNR) process, process air blower system and blower building ,secondary clarifiers, return activated sludge and waste activated sludge pump stations ,tertiary cloth filtration, chlorine contact tanks, effluent transfer pump station, reclaimed water storage tanks, reclaimed water/non-par water high service pump station, sodium hypochlorite storage and feed systems, reject pond system, covered sludge holdingtanks with odor control system and process air blower system, gravity belt thickening equipment in an associated metal building, electrical gear and emergency power generators with fuel storage system, and administration and maintenance buildings.
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