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Project Name: Trinity Cancer Center
Project Timeline: 7 Months
Completion Date: 1//20
Location: Trinity, FL
Owner:  The Lunz Group
General Contractor: Onicx Contraction
Sub-Contractor: Commercial Concrete Contractors
Size:  37,000 SF
Mix (psi): 4,000
Fiber: Using fiber on the second floor slab poured on metal deck. 4Lbs/CY for Forta Ferro Fiber.
Engineer: TRC Worldwide Engineering
Application: Cancer center radiation vault

New construction of a 37,000 SF 2-Story cancer center. This job consists of 2,000 CY and 22,000 CMU. Project requires 1,000 CY of a high-density granite mix to achieve 147 PCF for the radiation vault. Additionally Conex, a shrinkage reducing admixture, was used in the SOG to meet specifications.  
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