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SunBelt Rental Equipment puts its pavement through a beating daily. This rental company carries a variety of
equipment including scissor jacks and hi-lifts with hard and pneumatic rubber tires. Just counting their own
delivery tractor trailers, there are approximately 35 deliveries daily. Adding in contractors picking up equipment
and the delivery of supplies, the pavements surrounding the facility sees approximately 130 Average Daily Truck
Traffic (ADTT).

When the facility was purchased, SunBelt inherited an existing pavement that wasn’t designed to handle the loads
and ADTT. At some point it was decided the pavement needed to be replaced; there wasn’t any doubt they wanted
concrete again. The design team specified an 8-inch 4000 psi concrete pavement. The concrete was tailgated and
received a broom finish. Control joints were cut approximately 13-foot ocew.

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