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Project Name: I-75 Southbound Rest Area FIN#44108325201 – T7444
Project Timeline: 18 Months
Completion Date: 03/2022
Address: SR 93 / I-75 S. Rest Area, Hillsborough County
Supplier: Argos
Owner: FDOT
General Contractor: PCS Civil Inc
Engineer: Trevor J. Hawkins – EOR, CEI – AE Engineering
Mix: 17,000 CYDS of Class 1 3000 Paving, 8000 CYDS Edgedrain, 500 CYDS Class 1 Non-Structural 2500
Size/Area: 52,000 SY

The improvements under this contract consist of widening the existing entrance and exit ramps to the SR 93A (I-75) Southbound rest area, widening the existing truck parking areas, constructing an additional car parking area south of the existing car parking lots, associated drainage facility reconstruction, signing and pavement marking, ITS, and lighting.
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