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John Schmenti is the Owner/builder for this project on Pine Ave in Holly Hill, FL. He is building these units for rent and personal use. When Troy Cohen of and John first started discussing the slabs and such, Troy asked, “what about your parking area?” John stated that it was going to be asphalt. Troy asked “why?” and John thought about it and stated “good question.” Troy explained the benefits of concrete over asphalt. Plus, John was able to do quite a bit of the prepping for the concrete himself. He really liked the idea and decided to go with concrete. After pouring the pavement, he came to Troy and thanked him for suggesting concrete over asphalt.

Size/Area: 12,000 sq ftMix (psi): 3000

General Contractor: John Schmenti

Sub-Contractor: Shawn’s Concrete


Fiber: Yes. 1.5lbs per yd

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